New Home Hatched Chicks for May 2018

Home Hatched - Hen and day old baby chicks

As expected, the broody hen started hatching right on time.

May 6th was the first hatch date, and the rest hatched out by the 8th, though the last one might have been the night of the 7th.

Of the 10 eggs she started with, 9 hatched.  The last one candled okay, but never made it to hatch out.

The Hoover Hatchery Chicks Arrive

Hoover Hatchery Chicks arrive.

Yes, we all know babies come from the Post Office, just like the chickens.

Well, like some of our chickens.  The order from Hoover Hatchery arrived.

Just as the home hatched chicks arrived on the expected date, so did the hatchery chicks.  All 15 chicks were lively and healthy when we picked them up.

And just so darn cute.

Our chicken flock just increased by 24 new baby chicks.

Baby chicks from Hoover Hatchery

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