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Chickens are so


And Fun to Watch

Every chicken has it’s own personality, and while the breed of a chicken can determine some overall traits to be expected, chickens are certainly individuals when it comes to how they act and what they do. What can I say?  Chickens are so entertaining!

Breakfast Chickens

Sometimes known as layers.  These hens produce the eggs for your breakfast. Most of these girls lay a couple hundred eggs per year or more and can contribute to your breakfast for a long time.  When you raise your own hens, and collect the eggs daily, you know where your food comes from and you know it is fresh!

Dinner Chickens

Sometimes knows as broilers, fryers and soup chickens.  These are usually young cockerels or mixed meat birds raised specifically for their meat.  Older layers sometimes fall into this category when their egg production days are over.  The older hens are not as tender as the young ones, so typically they end up in the soup or stew.  Anyone thinking Chicken and Dumplings?  How about some Hot Rooster Soup?

Rooster Tails – Something to Crow About

Peck n Scratch – Eat n Drink

Lay Eggs repeat.


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