Unhappy Roosters

We were having our young cousins over for a visit.  Our Welsummer roosters are definitely a little bit aggressive to unfamiliar people and the boys were sure to be the subject of their focus – after the hens of course.

To give the matter some time to acclimate, I opened the chicken door that opens into the fenced in chicken yard.  As usual, the three roosters and a couple hens were first out the door.  The chase was on, and the hens quickly headed back inside to avoid the frisky roosters.  As soon as the hens were inside, I closed the door to keep the roosters in the chicken yard.

Then we opened the main door to allow the hens to go out to their normal morning of free ranging and bug chasing, but without the full attention of the roosters.  The hens had a nice leisurely time of it, the boys got to see the hens and weren’t attacked by the roosters.

The roosters on the other hand, were really pacing and clearly did not like being separated from the hens.

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